Why Shutters?

Why choose shutters?

Plantation Shutters don't just look good; they are a very practical choice to dress a window or door of any shape or size. With the ability to filter the light into the room by tilting the slats, with the extended choice of a hidden tilt rod, they bring an instant aura to any room.

We have a choice of 6 material types, 5 shutter styles, over 120 standard painted and stained colour finishes and too the option of colour matching to your personal colour scheme from all major paint suppliers, such as Farrow & Ball.

If there wasn't already enough choice, you could further accessorise each shutter with options such as internal locks for additional security, a choice of coloured hinges or even choose the very classy handles to open and close the shutter!

As the Window Furnishing industry has taken a huge stance on Child Safety regulations, all our Plantation Shutters are fully compliant to EN13120 8.2.33, as there are no cords or loops in which may pose a risk to any child in your home.

Research has proven that installing internal shutters can have a beneficial energy saving on your home. With fuel costs continuing to rise, they are a great insulator during the cold winter month's and in the summer month's will keep room's cool and shaded.

If you don't believe us, click here ... the BBC covered this story back in 2010!



Colour Finishes

All our shutters have a minimum of 7 coats of paint or stain to give a tough, vivid finish. To prevent fading the final layer is UV protected.


Slat Sizes

We have a fab 5 slat sizes to choose from. 32mm, 47mm, 64mm, 89mm or 114mm - the choice is yours!


Tilt Rods

There are now 3 tilt rod options to choose from. The old favourite with a centre tilt rod, the traditional choice with an offset tilt rod or the very contemporary style can come with a hidden tilt rod.


Benefits of Shutters

We believe that shutters are one of the best types of window covers available on the market today, and to help you make an informed choice, we have created this list of based on our knowledge and our customer comments:

  • Attractiveness.

    Our shutters come with a minimum of 7 coats of paint or stain to give a tough, vivid finish. To ensures the colour doesn't fade over time we add a final layer is UV protected. With the clean and minimalist style of the shutter, they will always keep up with the latest trend, and known to increase the value of your home.

  • Custom Made to Any Size or Shape

    It doesn’t matter what size or shape windows you have, we can produce a shutter to fit seamlessly. Unlike standard blinds or curtains, shutters have fewer limitations to fit within unusual size or shaped windows. Our custom made shutters can be ordered to fit any dimensions, any shape.

  • Built to Last

    Due to our careful production process and our selective product range, we ensure your shutters are built for years to come.

  • Light control.

    Due to the nature of a wooden shutter, you can easily adjust the angle of louvers to allow, and block, a range of sunlight into your room.

  • Money Saving.

    Following on from the point above, by having this natural insulation, this will help prevent the drafts from entering your home and you turning your heating up.

  • Allergy Control.

    Shutters are on of the easiest blind types to clean, much easier than curtains. Due to the smooth surface of the shutter, this also means they do not attract and store up any dust particles, meaning you can keep on top of any dust allergies.

  • Child Safe.

    Unlike most blind types, window shutters are child safe by design. With no unsightly stings or pull cords, not only are they child and pet safe, but also much more visually appealing!

  • Security.

    Window shutters come with a latch or lock to keep them from flying open. This feature also provides additional security by adding a second “lock” to the windows.